Roz has been warbling and whirling to music since she was hatched. Music and dance make up the essential fiber of her being. While her father was trained as classical violinist and her grandfather an opera singer, her childhood, was steeped in the belly of Rhythm & Blues and Texas Swing. Hours of dervish-like spinning to the fiddling to Billy Spears, propelled her into learning to play the fiddle. The momentum hasn't stopped. While pursuing a career as a professional dancer she has played fiddle across the continent and throughout the British Isles. She has sung and played fiddle in bands featuring Reggae, Old Timie, Swing, Folkgrass and the Blues. Combining fiddle and vocals with storytelling, she has tickled the fancy of children and the inner child of many adults. Roz feels there's a reason they call it playing music, it's all about the joy.