With her father's 1943 Rolleiflex in hand, while riding the creative wave of the early 70's, Roz set off to the Center for Photographic Studies (CPS), with a love of light and a desire for a solid education. During her two years at CPS she started producing a body of work titled "Women in Movement" exploring first the options of a moving figure in relationship to light, then, to landscape. Throughout her second year at the Center, she was an apprentice to Henry Holmes Smith, printing his dye transfer images. After leaving CPS, she completed a BA in photography and dance from Franconia college in New Hampshire, then a MFA in Choreography/multimedia production, in Modern Dance from the University of Utah.

Over the last three decades, Roz has continued her work in the areas of visual and performing arts. As an active member of the Artist-in-Education program in several states, she has taught photography and dance throughout the west and midwest. Her photographs of "Women in Movement" have been exhibited in many galleries including the Ansel Adams Gallery in California. Her portraits of dancers, artist, authors and musicians can be found in books, websites and CDs. Most recently, she has taught classes in "Sensory Literacy" and produced calendars with the theme "Life in Stillness" featuring a close up look at inanimate objects.