Songlines of the Body is a way to fully synthesize life through “Sensory Literacy”. Our interpretation of the world around us is greatly affected by how we perceive through our senses. I offer practiced methods to help you cultivate your awareness of, Stillness, Sight, Sound and Movement. Whether it be singularly, with one sense, or an amalgamation of all. I have found this to be one of the richest ways to “come home”.


STILLNESS YOGA ~ Our natural state is one of well being. It is what resides underneath all of our activities and titles. Through skillful thought and action, it is possible to change and adjust the frequencies of “disturbance”, and return to our innate “beingness”. Using a thoughtful blend of asana, breath, and meditation, I greatly enjoy guiding a class or individual back to a state of equanimity. Private sessions can be arranged to address specific needs. A Yoga Nidra CD is available for those who want a guided meditation, or have trouble sleeping and are in need of deep rest.


SIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY ~ When observing anything with our eyes, we are looking at different light wave frequencies. Our eyes translate light into color, shape and form. To assist with a greater understanding of how light works, I offer classes for small groups of people who are interested in becoming more aware of the the many facets of light and how it paints our world into existence. Photographic workshops can be booked for “Taking a Thoughtful Portrait” to “Life in Stillness”, where participants create “still-lifes” using found or personally precious objects. A Personal Portrait session can be scheduled upon request.

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SOUND MUSIC ~ All sound vibrations permeates our body and mind. Whether it be the chaotic sounds of a city or the soothing sounds of nature, we are affected. We can use this powerful tool of sound for our benefit, and help realign the body/mind connection. By consciously directing tones of the voice to a specific part of the body, it is possible to change the resonance of that area. I offer sessions of voice tones, custom fit for each individual, designed to assist in grounding and centering the body/mind. And, if you have an event that would benefit from String band Music, we can always add an extra sparkle to any situation. Guaranteed!!

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MOVEMENT DANCE ~ Bonnie Bambridge Cohen, “Our first way of learning is through movement”. From the time we are in the womb through our progression of life we are moving. We all have kinetic habits and patterns. Some are beneficial, others not so much. I offer a trained outside eye and an embodied awareness gathered from four decades as a professional dancer and someone who has a undying curiosity about the human body. Together we can play with the intention of unraveling any patterns that may be causing imbalance or injury in your body, then lay down pathways for creating greater ease in moving.


  • "Dear Roz, I also wanted to tell you that I truly enjoyed your workshop and got so much out of it. I think we all felt that the way you connected the idea of the organs to the outer body was so profound. You demonstrated a really playful style, which I loved. I think we all need to laugh more, and I see no reason why yoga can't be a place for that. Peace and love,"
  • "Dear Roz, Pierre and I shared your lovely daffodil photo with all due respect. It is always YOU who give us joy with your outstanding teaching in the friendliest warm ways.
  • We plan on reinstituting family home dancing with a great deal more fluidity than it ever had before. Thanks for that wonderful class,"
    -Sue and Pierre
  • "Dear Roz, Your photographic compositions of Terrace are stunning!
  • I loaded them in alphabetical order, but if you’d like a different order please let me know, also if you would like different titles.
  • Do you have any text or story about your experience that you’d like to share about your Terrace experience? I can put some lines of text underneath your image sequence.
  • Jimmy and I greatly appreciate your participation in Ghost Town and for creating such wonderful art for the project. You are very talented indeed.
  • Thanks Again! All the best,"
  • "Dear Roz, Thank YOU so much! Today was so full of joy, and the whole workshop was so special. Every time brought something new, and I've even made a new friend (Isa and I plan to stay in touch!). You bring so much joy and wisdom to the world, and working with you reminds me of the beautiful work of BMC. I have really enjoyed it!"
  • "Thank you for sharing your happy thoughts, fun, light and love. It was so much fun to dance with joy and peace. I feel very honored to have been part of such fun. Thanks for inspiring it. Lots of love to you." 
  • "You and Melissa were absolutely fabulous, Roz! I can't thank you enough for playing for us! Talk and see you soon. Cheers,"
  • "Hi Roz, I used you Yoga Nidra CD to get to sleep at 3 am this morning. Thanks!"
  • "Roz! Thank you I loved the class. It was difficult at times yet enjoyable throughout. You are an amazing teacher and guide. I look forward to continuing after the new year. Best to you,"
    -David Parker
  • "Dear Roz, This morning’s movement session truly encoded valuable memories in my body. I shall continue to stretch my “movement vocabulary” Thank you also for exchanging thoughts ~ conversation, especially related to your personal life experiences.... Warmest salutations,"
  • "I am so grateful that Kate brought me along to Yoga when I visited in February. It’s been such a blessing during the Covid shut down. Besides helping me feel stronger and more flexible, it adds a nice structure to my week. Another aspect of your Yoga classes that I love is the variation, addressing the whole body. The classes I’ve had in the past were in a set, rote pattern, identical from one week to the next, an unchanging loop."

  • "Hi Roz… it’s Katina, I’m still thinking about your performance last night, and still smiling from the inside out! I actually think the two of you as a musical pair are quite remarkable and rare! I would love to see you do gigs like this more and more. Honestly, I think you would be soooo well received and relished! Not sure you’d like to take a wonderful and playful passion to the next level, but you definitely could! Personally, I would love to watch and listen again and again. There’s something so playful and contagious about the two of you together… a perfect match. I’m imaging the Garden Stage at the Arts Festival with people sitting all around with food and drink, bobbing their heads and tapping their toes with delight as they listen/watch the two of you. You’re the combo of everything that works!Thanks so much for sharing this with us… love,"
  • -Katina
  • "Buon giorno Roz,
  • I wanted to drop you a line to compliment you on the way you handled class yesterday. Your knowledge and kindness made an obvious difference in that man's life. You met his needs gracefully and almost effortlessly, without impacting the quality of our practice. I am not sure that junior yoga teachers would have been able to safely accommodate his needs without restricting the class for the rest of the students.
  • Having said this, having a person with remarkably different needs in the class is a good experience for all of us, as one day we might be in his position (especially me!), but also because it makes us appreciate what we have.
  • Thank you for welcoming people of all abilities in your classes! Ciao,"
  • "You and Melissa were absolutely fabulous, Roz! I can't thank you enough for playing for us! Talk and see you soon. Cheers,"
  • "Hiya, Roz- Just wanted to let you know that we (Better Off With The Blues) played at the opening of your exhibit at the Anne Jespersen gallery in Helper on the 16th. It was a blast, and your pieces were absolutely exquisite! Missed you. I was hoping you’d have been there with your fiddle to do “Sheik Of Araby” with me! Hope all’s well with you and John. Best,"
  • "Thanks Roz, You are a wonderful teacher and so kind of you to share your notebook. Hugs."
  • "Thanks for your kindness to Diann this morning, Roz. I know that's how you are to everyone, but I wanted to let you know that I see that and admire it and am grateful for it. She LOVED the class."
    -Kate Holbrook, PhD | Managing Historian
  • "Roz, I would like to buy a couple boxes of your note cards. I can't find anything close to that quality.....I got the cards today. Thanks so much. You're a terrific photographer. Yer pal,"
  • "Hi Roz, Thanks for a wonderful class today. Whenever I get off the zoom, I’m buzzing with delight - delight because my body feels great and delight because of the special human connections I feel with the lovely folks in our class and you. Stay healthy and well, "


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